Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Jude and I are the Supreme Goddesses of email venting. No subject is safe from our discussion. I especially like it when Jude has naughty thoughts and adds . Jude's husband loves politics and world news events, but Jude says she prefers to live a shallow existence...she hides her intellect. She is very emotional and loving in regard to her concern for her students and others in need. Her gorgeous daughter Amy is in college and I believe Jude is totally devoted to her happiness in life. The funniest story of Jude and Amy was on the way to school one day, Jude was wearing her cow costume for Halloween and they were having a "difference of opinions". Amy started to laugh and Jude asked why. "Mother," Amy said, "I am arguing with a cow!" - Jude introduced our latest it! When we first met as teachers in the same building, I gave Jude a notepad thinking it had her name on it...she still has the pad that has the name "Jean" on it. I have things that remind me of Jude. A purple hair scrunch she gave my daughter. A small bookmark with her name on the back and a picture frame, both gifts at sometime from her. -- We talk about family, friends, school, fashions, tv personalities, emotions, health issues, food, shopping, bills, etc. I know whatever I tell her is off the record. Her emails come at anytime during the day or night...Since they are unpredictable in subject, they are usually the first ones I read. I have chuckled over and over at her jabs and comments...she is so hilarious!
God Bless Jude. Friends Forever as the necklaces say.
P.S. - Jude, I didn't have a good mugshot of you that I thought you would like, so hope the cow works until you can send me a good shot of you to add to the post.


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